Police Chief Paul McDonald

Barnstable Police Chief Paul Mcdonald


Given the unquestionable hard evidence proving that Mr. Daly was involved in the attack on Alves, along with Daly’s own admission, that he was involved in the “scrum,” it is unfathomable, that the Barnstable Police Department, never charged Mr. Daly with any crime.   When I realized this was the case, I wrote two letters to Chief Paul Mcdonald, asking him to charge Mr. Daly, but received no response. I next went to the Barnstable Courthouse and brought Mr. Daly up on Assault and Battery charges myself. They were denied without even a “Probable Cause” hearing.

Alves first letter to Chief Mcdonald
signed 2nd letter to Barnstable police
Alves Second Letter to Chief Mcdonald