District Attorney Michael O’Keefe



District Attorney Michael O’Keefe and the Barnstable Police Department, in their criminal investigation engaged in multiple instances, of abuse of discretion, prosecutorial misconduct, and failure to disclose, inculpatory evidence.  There also appears to have been some type of horsetrading, involving the decision to charge certain officers, in exchange of not filing any charges at all, against the main perpetrator, Mr. John Daly.
Evidence that was available, to the District Attorney, and the Barnstable Police Department was either withheld. not entered into evidence during the criminal trial, or not properly investigated. Michael O’Keefe allowed his subordinates to protect John Daly.

 I sent the Office of DA Michael O’keefe, a letter with the evidence, formally requesting that he charge Mr. Daly with the crime of “Assault and Battery.” They denied my request, without even a “Probable Cause Hearing.”

Alves Letter to O’Keefe

letter2daO’Keefe letter with Refusal To Charge Daly


Barnstable Assistant DA Michelle Groff


During the criminal trial, ADA Groff,  failed to question the witnesses about the racial epithets hurled at Alves, during the attack.  The day after the attack, on May 26, 2011, Alves filed a statement with the Barnstable police, declaring that I was called a “nigger” during the attack, but ADA Groff never asked Alves or any other witnesses about this.

Taken From Alves Police Statement


Groff Malfeasance

The Barnstable Police Department and ADA Groff’s failure to properly investigate the incident in general, and John Daly in particular, had serious ramifications for me. Protecting Mr. Daly by keeping his headshot out of the photo array allowed ADA Groff and others to fraudulently claim that since I “never identified” Mr. Daly, he could not be charged. This same fraudulent claim also negatively affected my civil trial when a defense attorney stated that no one had identified Mr. Daly.  To me, the most egregious crime beyond the 30% loss of peripheral vision in my right eye that was caused by a punch from Somerville Officer Ariel Calazzo was the fraudulent protection the Barnstable Police Department and ADA Groff afforded Mr. Daly by engaging in blatant obstruction of justice. ADA Groff and the BPD called Mr. Daly as a witness at the probable cause hearing and he pleaded the 5th. ADA Groff also failed to subpoena several key witnesses to the criminal trial, who could have provided crucial evidence in the conviction of the defendants.

Groff Awarded for Her Obedience

Michelle Groff Gets Rewarded