911 Calls

Female Calls Both female callers, state that “Alves” was or is unconscious, and ask for an “ambulance”to the Steak House. Jonathan Welch was the head bouncer, at the Steak House. Welch repeatedly refused to call the Police for Alves, and instead, demanded that Alves give the cell phone back. Welch stated to Alves this isn’t […]

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Court Papers

Here you can download, transcripts from both the 2011 Clerk Magistrate Hearing, and the 2012 Barnstable 2 day Criminal trial. The 2011 Probable Cause Hearing, was heard by Barnstable Clerk Magistrate Robert Powers. The hearing started at 2pm with people testifying throughout the process.The testimony continued well passed 8pm that night, and Mr Daly was not […]

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