Federal DEA Agent John Daly’s Drinking Timeline.




Federal DEA Agent John Daly



In John Daly’s March 13, 2013 deposition, he admits to drinking alcohol, almost the entire day of May 25/26, 2011, with his fellow officers, while on Cape Cod to attend the The 2011 New England Narcotics Enforcement Officers Association (NENEOA) Conference.

Timeline exhibit 1

Daly Depo from March 13,2013

page 10 lines 9-13

Daly: I arrived at the conference, roughly, like

I said, around lunchtime, which was the early

afternoon. I checked in. I also received, I

believe, like, a ticket to the — there was, like, a

clam bake dinner. And that was it.

Mr. Daly then proceeded to his relatives house, located in Hyannis, he opened the house, “relaxed” and then went out for lunch. He brought lunch, and fellow officers, back to the house and began drinking.

Timeline exhibit 2

Daly Depo from March 13, 2013

Page 10 line 16-24

Page 11 line 1-3

Daly: From lunchtime to 6:00 p.m. After lunch,

went to the house.

Question: Did you go by yourself?

Daly: I did.

Question:And I presume you just socialized with your


Daly: There was no one at the house at the time.

I opened up the house.

Question: Okay. And just relaxed?

Daly: Yeah.

Question: Or did work; right? What did you do then?

Daly: A few people, I believe, came to the

house — actually, no. I went to lunch and brought

the lunch back to the house, and a few people came

to the house at that point.

Question: coming there first before going back to the

clam bake?

Daly: Well, I — before going to the clam bake,


Question: You don’t remember who else other than Mr.

Woodman and Borum came to the house?

Daly: Yeah; there was — there was a few people.

I think Brian Tully was there; maybe Steve Gondella.

Question: When you say maybe, do you recall Mr.

Gondella being there?

Daly: Yes.

Question:How do you spell his name?

Daly: G-O-N-D-E-L-L-A.

Question: Okay. What’s his first name?

Daly: Stephen.

Question: Is he a law enforcement officer?

Daly: Yes.

Question: And who does he work for?

State police, I believe.

Question: And what’s Mr. Tully’s first name?

Daly: Brian.

Question: Where does he work?

Daly: DEA.

Question: Okay. And how about Woodman and Borum?

Daly: Woodman works for the Haverhill P.D., and

Borum works for Cambridge P.D.

Question: Anyone else that you can remember being at

your relative’s house?

Daly: I’m sure there were more people there, but

I can’t think of who else.

Question: How many people were there, even if you

can’t remember who they were?

Daly: Maybe — maybe five or six.

Question: Okay.

Daly: Maybe a few more.

Question: Do you recall that there, in fact, were

thers other than these four people you’ve

identified; you just can’t remember who they were,

or you’re just not sure?

Daly: I’m not sure.

Question: Okay.

Daly: I’m not sure.

Question: What did you do at the house?

Daly: We ate lunch and then, at that point, we

walked down to the beach.

Mr. Daly socialized for several hours at the house, and the beach, while drinking alcohol.

Timeline Exhibit 3

Daly Depo from March 13, 2013

Page 15 lines 20-23

Question: Were you drinking at your relative’s house?

Daly: Yes.

Question: Were you drinking on the beach?

Daly: Yes.

Around 7:30 pm Mr. Daly and fellow officer Christopher Borum, arrived at the NENEOA Conference “Clam Bake” at Pufferbellies Entertainment Complex.

Timeline Exhibit 4

Daly Depo from March 13, 2013

Page 14 lines 5-9

Q.What time would you say you showed up at


Daly: Seven or 7:30; because right when we got

there, I believe the Bruins game was just about to


While at the “Clam Bake” at Pufferbellies, Mr. Daly was seen drinking by his fellow officer Christopher Borum.

Timeline Exhibit 5

Christopher Borum Deposition July 11, 2013

Page 10 line 2-11

Q    Okay.  Did you see — do you know if — did you

see John Daly drink anything that night?

Borum: Yes.

Q    Where?

Borum: Probably, I believe he was drinking in that bar

and two other locations.

Q    Where were the other locations?

Borum:  Seaside, which is a bar on Main Street, and

probably the Lobster Bake, Clam Bake, whatever

it is.

After about a half hour at the conference, Daly and Borum left, and headed to the Seaside Pub on Main Street, Hyannis and continued drinking.

Timeline Exhibit 6

Daly Deposition March 13, 2013

Page 14 line 10-13

Q.Okay. After — when did you leave Pufferbellies and where did you go?

Daly: We left Pufferbellies, I would say, at

about 8 o’clock, and went to the Seaside Pub.

Timeline Exhibit 7

Daly Deposition March 13, 2013

Page 16  line 2-3

Q.Were you drinking at the Seaside?

Daly: Yes.

After about 3 hours or more, Daly and Borum, left the Seaside Pub, and headed to the Steakhouse on North Street, Hyannis and continued drinking.


Daly Deosition March 13 2013

Page 16 lines 4-5

Q.Were you drinking at the Steak House?

Daly: Yes.

After the assault Daly and his friends. headed to the 19th Hole on Main Street, Hyannis, to catch last call.

Daly Deposition March 13, 2013

Page 41 line 22-24 page 42 line 1-20

Q.And did you then go to the 19th Hole?

Daly: After I received my phone?


Daly: Yes

Q.And what did you do at the 19th Hole?

Daly:Just talked about, you know, what just


Q.And who was there that you were speaking


Daly: There was people that weren’t even at the

Steak House.

Q. Okay. Anyone else who was at the Steak


Daly: There was — I think Mr. Hyde was there,

Mr. Borum.

And –Maybe — maybe — I don’t recall who else.

Maybe Matt Woodman and Renee Nusum. I’m not — I’m

not sure, though.

Drinking Timeline of John Daly:


In addition, Barnstable Police Officer Armando Feleciano’s police narrative, describes identifies Mr. Daly, as the owner of the phone , and comments on his appearance, upon the officer’s arrival to the Steak House.

Feliciano Police Report:

“ I observed Daly to be intoxicated with blood shot and glassy eyes, I could also smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from his person and breath.”felicianodalyhighlightedintox