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Here you can download, transcripts from both the 2011 Clerk Magistrate Hearing, and the 2012 Barnstable 2 day Criminal trial.


The 2011 Probable Cause Hearing, was heard by

Barnstable Clerk Magistrate Robert Powers.

The hearing started at 2pm with people testifying throughout the process.The testimony continued well passed 8pm that night, and Mr Daly was not called until the final witness, he took the stand and pleaded the 5th amendment and refused to give testimony, on the grounds that it may incriminate him. I am not versed in proper Clerk Magistrate Court Hearings, and I am not sure that proper procedure was followed, in this entire hearing. It Took Magistrate Powers one full month, to come to the decision that “No Crimes were Committed” on the evening of May 25th into the 26th, at The Steakhouse Restaurant in Hyannis, were as two people sought treatment for broken facial bones, myself and Somerville Detective Defendant James Hyde. Shortly after the decision on the hearing, Powers was suspended, put under investigation, and eventually removed from his Clerk’s Office.

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Download:PDF Clerk Magistrate Hearing Transcript 2011

Two Officers Charged

Criminal Trial April 2, 2012


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Officers Acquitted

Trial Transcripts


PDF Jury trial – April 2, 2012 Transcripts Session 1

PDF Jury trial – April 3, 2012 Transcripts Session 2